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Counseling to Coaching Workshop


Feb 22

10 CEU Hours

Access Success through Coaching. For professionals who want to be more successful.

´┐┐Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them become what they are capable of being."


AccessSuccess offers consultation and training services to businesses and organizations that want to cultivate talents and strive for extraordinary results. We use a collaborative and appreciative approach to change: a “today’s” approach to “today’s” problems that has proven effective in assessing and solving current and future challenges. Our approach focuses on a partnership between consultant and client and the full engagement of relevant individuals. It values the power in identifying and building on what is presently working in an organization. Through this process participants become energized, creative and committed to developing individually tailored, tangible and sustaining results.

In organizational and leadership consultation a professional relationship is established to bring out the best and maximize the potential of the individual and the organization. Through a variety of formats and structures, services are tailored to fit the needs and goals of your organization. Our services are offered individually, in teams and in consultation/training modules.

Does your organization want to:

  • Excel beyond it’s competitors?

  • Develop a clear vision for future growth and development?

  • Encourage individuals in the organization to have a clear sense of purpose, commitment, goals and belonging?

  • Attract and retain talented individuals?

  • Promote customer loyalty?

  • Reduce conflict and promote collaboration?

If your answer to any of the questions is yes, then your organization can benefit from our experienced consultants.

We can assist you and your organization to successfully:

  • Develop competent leadership style and skills

  • Define the characteristics unique to managing or providing leadership for a particular business or organization

  • Increase emotional intelligence among key leaders

  • Attract, develop and retain talent

  • Build employee participation, accountability, and commitment

  • Plan and strategize for obtaining “real” business results

  • Promote a collaborative and cooperative work environment

  • Articulate and maintain core values and visions

  • Plan and manage acquisitions and mergers


We can help you to develop quality programs that:

  • Inspire employee satisfaction and productivity

  • Build a customer service culture

  • Establish customer loyalty

  • Develop an effective mentoring program

  • Reduce turnover and burn-out

  • Develop strategies for succession planning

  • Create a positive company culture

  • Value and realize the potential of diversity

  • Identify and utilize strengths associated with success

Please contact AccessSuccess for additional information to get started on the path to seeing the results of your visions and dreams in action.

Harlene Anderson, Ph.D.
3316 Mount Vernon St.
Houston, TX  77006
Ph:  (713) 522-7112

Diana Carleton, Ed.D.
3316 Mt. Vernon St
Houston, TX  77006
Ph:  (713) 628-6761
Harriet Roberts, Ph.D.
2656 South Loop West ´┐┐ Ste. 111
Houston, TX  77054
Ph:  (713) 668-3446

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