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Counselor to Coach Workshop

February 21 & 22, 2014

16 CEU Hours

Access Success through Coaching. For professionals who want to be more successful.



AccessSuccess offers coaching and organization consultation to people and businesses that strive for the extraordinary. Through a personalized, professional and collaborative relationship, our dedicated coaches and consultants help individuals, business, and organizations create a future vision, develop competencies, and take effective action toward their desired results.

Our collaborative and appreciative model is designed to meet the challenges and complexities that today’s organizations and their executives, managers, and team leaders face and to enhance development, performance and productivity for individuals and organizations. This collaborative model helps resolve complex concerns and promotes effective leadership at every level of an organization.  Our model has proven especially effective for those who have had little success with other coaching and consulting models.

We believe each person, business and organization has the potential to be creative, resourceful, and “access success.”  Our services are tailored to fit the needs and goals, utilizing a variety of formats.  Services are offered individually, in teams, and in consultation/training modules.

Dr. Anderson, Dr. Carleton, and Dr. Roberts are three successful women who through their 25-year history of collaboration have successfully created organizations, programs, and projects characterized by innovation, sustainability, profitability, and productive business relationships in the U.S. and abroad. We have experience working with businesses, universities, health care industries and non-profit organizations. We have a reputation for careful planning, being attentive to individual and organization needs, clarifying visions and goals, building bridges between business strategies and people, recognizing and encouraging talent, and facilitating the development of customized solutions.

Please contact for additional information and registration: get started on the path to seeing the results of your visions and dreams in action.

Harlene Anderson, Ph.D.
3316 Mount Vernon St.
Houston, TX  77006
Ph:  (713) 522-7112

Diana Carleton, Ed.D.
3316 Mt. Vernon St
Houston, TX  77006
Ph:  (713) 628-6761
Harriet Roberts, Ph.D.
3316 Mt. Vernon St
Houston, TX  77006
Ph:  (713) 668-3446

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Imagination is more important than knowledge. 

          S. James Gates



Success is a journey, not a destination.

         Tom Gillis