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Counseling to Coaching Workshop


February  21 & 22

16 CEU Hours

Access Success through Coaching. For professionals who want to be more successful.

“If there is a better way to do it, find it.”

--Thomas Edison

AccessSuccess coaching services are for those who have already achieved success and want much more.  Through a personalized, professional coaching relationship, you will create a future vision, develop competencies, and take effective action toward your desired results.  Coaching enhances achievement and life fulfillment.  Through a process of inquiry and personal discovery, it provides the structure, support and feedback that are critical for success.

Coaching reveals your winning strategies and transforms your possibilities into tangible realities.

  • Focus is on the future

  • Goals, dreams and visions drive the action

  •  Action oriented process is determined by your goals

  • Process is collaborative and interactive

  • May occur in person, by phone, or via email

  • Sessions vary in length, typically ranging from 1 ½ hours to 15 minutes

Coaching will benefit you if:

  • You are willing to stop or change behaviors that are interfering with your life goals

  • You are willing to try new approaches to help you achieve your goals

  • You will work collaboratively with your coach to design goals and action steps to move forward

  • You are ready for more success than you thought was possible!

Life coaching focuses on the broader context of all areas of life.  It may include goals directed towards success in:

  • Enhanced communication

  • Improved relationships

  • Career advancement or change

  • Unique and exciting retirement goals

  • Health and physical fitness

  • Ambitious life accomplishments

  • Effective decision making strategies

  • Overcoming obstacles to reaching your vision

  • Increased sense of joy and well being

Please contact for additional information to get started on the path to seeing the results of your visions and dreams in action.

Harlene Anderson, Ph.D.
3316 Mount Vernon St.
Houston, TX  77006
Ph:  (713) 522-7112

Diana Carleton, Ed.D.
3316 Mt. Vernon St
Houston, TX  77006
Ph:  (713) 628-6761
Harriet Roberts, Ph.D.
3316 Mt. Vernon St
Houston, TX  77006
Ph:  (713) 668-3446

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