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Counseling to Coaching Workshop


August 23 & 24

16 CEU Hours

Access Success through Coaching. For professionals who want to be more successful.

“Purpose is the most essential core of leadership. Without purpose there is no mission, vision, or reason for being”.

--Tom Votel

AccessSuccess coaching services are for organizations and individuals in the organization who have already achieved success and want much more.  Through a personalized, professional coaching relationship we will help you create a future vision, develop competencies, and take effective action toward your desired results.

Corporate and executive coaching are related to effectiveness and fulfillment at work.  Coaching may occur individually, in teams or in training modules. Small business leaders or entrepreneurs get great benefit from this level of coaching.  The focus may be on areas such as:

  •  Improving organizational performance and profitability

  • Identifying and utilizing key strengths

  • Helping clients learn effective communication and executive skills

  • Establishing active mentoring relationships

  • Developing more satisfying and productive work relationships

  • Achieving a satisfying balance between work and life

  • Creating and monitoring visionary developmental plans

  • Enhancing managerial style to improve effectiveness of individuals and teams

Corporate coaching entails working with administrators, staff, supervisors, team leaders and/or project managers in an organization.  It is offered individually or in small work groups. 

Executive coaching is with senior level people in the organization.  It involves the organization decision makers that create the “big picture” or the vision of the organization.  These people frequently define the culture of your company.  Their ability to articulate and communicate ideas and work with multiple levels of the organization is critical to success.  We help you get there and stay there.

Please contact AccessSuccess for additional information to get started on the path to seeing the results of your visions and dreams in action.

Harlene Anderson, Ph.D.
3316 Mount Vernon St.
Houston, TX  77006
Ph:  (713) 522-7112

Diana Carleton, Ed.D.
3316 Mt. Vernon St
Houston, TX  77006
Ph:  (713) 628-6761
Harriet Roberts, Ph.D.
3316 Mt. Vernon St
Houston, TX  77006
Ph:  (713) 668-3446

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